Tuesday, May 19

New for your Garden

Garden "embellishments" are hot! Take a look at this seasons' offerings.
Frogs always seem to move into the garden and this year we found some new guys. I look for ceramic for the best durability. Also at the top of our list is glass for the garden. We have some great 'flowers' that are just plain pretty but could be used for rain collectors (butterlies love them) or Oriole feeders - use grape jelly.

Rock Cairns are back! We love them nestled into a garden spot. Shown here is one of the beautiful glass stars by Susan Corkum. You can just glimpse a couple of our resident geese in the background!

These are beautiful - artist made pottery bird houses with copper roofs. Also available as feeders and the roofs are either natural (as seen here) or verdigris finish. I met the artist while on a buying trip and bought these on the spot.

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