Thursday, February 25

Claim a Gift Certificate

Everyone reading this post and responding in the comments will receive a gift certificate to The Gables!  How's that for a winter pick-me-up?

Just respond by March 15th, 2010.  Make sure you leave some contact information.  Or you can email me directly at

Happy End of Winter!  Did I mention that I'm going to Market in Minneapolis in a week?

Saturday, February 20

The Smart Shopper

We're making it easier for our customers to make shopping decisions. We've noticed that everyone seems to be more thoughtful about their purchasing - and that's smart!

So how can we help? First off, it's always been our policy to accept reasonable returns. We understand that sometimes you just have to see how that picture/lamp/candle-holder fits in your house. Or if the purse or scarf or necklace really goes with a new outfit. We try to mention this at the time of purchase, but it's always been The Gables policy to accept returns for a refund. (Returns must be made in a 'reasonable' time frame - please ask if you're unsure).

Second, we have Lay-Away available. This simple option makes it easy to plan a purchase. There are no fees or risk involved. Most Lay-Away purchases are paid off in 3 - 9 months and you can chose how fast, how much, and how long. We don't even have a set policy on how often you make a payment - it can be every month, every week, or every 8 weeks. You make the decisions.

I can't not mention the 'S' word! We have our regular Sales twice a year: 2 weeks in June and another 2 weeks in September. There's also our ever-changing clearance area and the after-Christmas
Clearance. This year I'm running a sale in February and March for the handful of loyal customers who haven't flown South for the winter! Thank you to everyone who's been in, by the way.

The last, and maybe most important point, is that I shop for quality and good value. There's a tremendous amount of wonderful things available for me to chose from, but I have to search for the absolute best I can find. Best price, best design, best quality. It's an exciting hunt to find items for The Gables.

We're all hoping for more prosperous times ahead, but shopping smart is always a good idea. I'm going to Market in 2 weeks (with my husband - first time for Paul!) and I'll be making a bunch of purchasing decisions. Look for some posts about what I find!

Sunday, February 14

This will make you smile!

Opera en el Mercado from esoqueseconocecomolaopera on Vimeo.

Wish I had been there!

Winter Blahs??

Here it is , Valentines Day. Hope you're all having a wonderful day. It's been kind of sunny, kind of cloudy here in Wisconsin. But the days are getting longer and there are a few birds chirping away in the mornings. Spring is on it's way.

I'm preparing to go to Market in Minneapolis in a few weeks. Making those lists and checking them twice! Here's what I'm looking for: garden items of all kinds, some great lamps, new accent furniture, framed prints, and other fresh new merchandise.

We've had a few busy weekends this winter. It probably helps that we're running a clearance sale through February - but I'm always so happy to see people out and about in winter. Sometimes I feel like the chickadee in the photo looks: everyone has flown south but me. Anyway, if you're in Wautoma stop in and see me. I've got the hot tea and cookies waiting.

Welcome to The Gables

Welcome to The Gables
find us at 127 N Waupaca Street in Wautoma, WI (click on picture for map)