Thursday, September 6

Clearance Sale continues

The discount went up to 40% yesterday!  There is a good selection of furniture, lighting, framed artwork, and accent pieces left.  Still have some nice jewelry - stone slides, rings, necklaces, and earrings. 
Our hours are 10-5:00 Monday through Saturday. 

Wednesday, August 22

Going out of business sale

After 24 years in Wautoma, I'm closing The Gables.  It's a decision that's been a few years in the making but the time is right for me to change course.  It's been a wonderful experience to be a part of this community and the best part has been my customers.  So many of you have become friends and I'll miss seeing you come through the front door.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Our Farewell Sale started August 3rd and will continue through September.  It's been fun to see so many people and we're happy with the "brisk sales".  The discount is currently 30% off everything.  The discount increases by 5% every Wednesday, so we're moving right along.  The store is still packed with furniture, lamps, and framed pictures.  We also have jewelry, scarves, florals, accent pieces, and all sorts of goodies for you to chose from. 
Watch for pictures of many items that I'll post as soon as I do some editing.

Monday, July 9

Think cool!
It's been a long, hot July so far.  Not to mention dry.  We're using our bird baths to give us some islands of calm and cool. 
Now is a good time to give your yard a pick-me-up with a simple water feature.   Keeping your birdbath clean is easy to do with fresh water, a scrub brush, and a bit of vinegar if needed to clean mineral lines. 

Tuesday, June 26

New in June

Scarf slides - a great way to add some new life to your existing scarves.  We also have some jersey scarves (like the one pictured) in a bunch of colors.  The slides, at $11 each,  make great gifts for your "scarfy" friends. 

New to the shop this year are Wall Flowers.  The one pictured is already gone but we keep creating new ones.  They're lightweight floral bouquets that can hang on a wall or your front door.  I've also been doing custom work - you can pick the flowers, berries, or twiggy sprays and I'll put them together.  Took 23 years to have the idea.  I'm good but I'm slow!

Friday, April 27

Spring 2012

Happy Spring!  And what a spring it's been - long and beautiful.  

It's been awhile since I've posted - a long while, in fact.  I apologize and will do my best to keep this updated so you can see what's going on at The Gables.

We're open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00.  Hours will be extended in May and by the time Memorial Day is here we'll be open every day. 

New things are arriving every day and I'll post some photos so you can see what's new.

I'm unpacking a lot of garden stuff.  Stakes, balancers, bird baths, and all sorts of garden decor. 

Watch for photos and updates on special deals and events.


Welcome to The Gables

Welcome to The Gables
find us at 127 N Waupaca Street in Wautoma, WI (click on picture for map)