Friday, July 31

Here's a peek at some of our Pashminas and new purses. Lots of colors and I'll try and get some more pictures up.
Below is a pic of the rock fountain in the smaller size. It's lovely, as you can see. Not at all splashy and it's very quiet but adjustable so you can also get that water sound if you like.

Clearance prices on Burt's Bees

This is it! We're selling out on Burt's Bees and the prices are "slashed" (I've always wanted to say that).
We have a good supply of lip balms in 5 varieties. The original, Honey, Pomegranate, tins, lip gloss, and also some lip shimmers. Plus the hand salve in 2 sizes, the lemon butter cuticle cream, and some packages of foot and hair repair kits. If you need prices or more information you can call or email.
This is a great time to stock up. We're sorry to say goodbye to Burt's, but with everyone carrying it these days the time is here.
But check out our latest addition when you're in. Yellowstone Bees lotions and balms are going to be new must-haves. I've been using the 'Try Me' sample by our cash register and it's amazing. My hands have been in rough shape this summer (gardening can do that) and this stuff really gets down and moisturizes. They use only natural ingredients - Olive oil, beeswax, etc. Not bad prices either. Oh - and they have lip balms too.

Friday, July 24

Yankee Candle Sale starts July 25

For Blogspot readers only - Yankee Candle scents will be 20% off starting July 25th. Mention this posting to receive the discount when making your purchase.

You'll have lots to chose from. This Sale won't be announced until August 8th.

After about 3 decades of being a Yankee Candle dealer, I have to say goodbye to those wonderful scents. The company has undergone a lot of changes from the days when the original owner, Michael, was making candles in his parents garage. I bought them when I owned the Colony House in Oshkosh (anyone remember that?). We've sold a lot of Balsam Fir, Vanilla, Sage& Citrus, Fresh Cotton, and other delicious scents since then.

This was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made. I'm sorry that some of my loyal Yankee customers will have to go out of town to find their favorite jar candle, but I'd like to offer things that aren't so widely sold.

Watch for news about Burt's Bees next!

Wednesday, July 15

Summer at The Gables

Summer is flying by as usual, but we're enjoying seeing all the faces (familiar and new) at The Gables. Everyone asks how business is doing. An understandable concern in the present economy. I can truthfully say that business is pretty steady. Not breaking any records, mind, but pretty darn good considering the times.

So how does a small retail shop weather a tough economy? I'm trying to be really smart about how I buy for the store - not only how much and what, but trying to make the selection fresh and exciting for my customers.

Everyone seems to be really pleased at some of the changes we've made this year. The best thing we did was move things around so we could have all of the greeting cards, books, note cards, etc in the back room. Adding track lighting 'brightened' things up, as did doing some repainting. Mainly, the card selection is really highlighted. I introduced 3 new card lines, some wonderful boxed note cards, and a growing collection of cookbooks, nature books, kids books, and gift books. Look for more in the future.

As we march through summer and into the fall ( a long way off - don't panic), I'll be bringing in some new things that I'm in the process of selecting now. Shopping is so much fun!

But even more fun is catching up with all the people who are coming in during the summer. I've seen families grow up, kids get married and start their own families, and transitions of all kinds. I owe my customers so much for including me in their lives - it's like a big extended family.

So that's the lowdown on how business is doing. We're enjoying the summer here (hoping for rain) and seem to be keeping very busy. If I could only find the time to weed that back garden and spread my pile of mulch....

Welcome to The Gables

Welcome to The Gables
find us at 127 N Waupaca Street in Wautoma, WI (click on picture for map)