Thursday, October 29

New items for the Season

We just unpacked a big box of Pashmina scarves in some really great colors. These are in solids and also some very 'with-it' patterns of circles and paisleys. Since they're about 26" wide and 72" long, they can also be used as shawls (I packed one in a little shoulder bag this summer so I could use it in chilly air-conditioned restaurants).

Pashmina is a fine cashmere wool and these are soft, soft, soft. Plus the price of $18 - $22 is unbelievable.

Also new - more sterling jewelry from Roggio. These are the handcrafted earrings and bracelets that I've had on the counter. Thought I'd better get in enough so there's a good selection going into winter.

Other new items include greeting cards and books. I'm now carrying a better selection of kids' birthday cards and am getting back into childrens' books. I used to sell a lot of kids' books and have always loved great illustrations with a great story.

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