Sunday, February 14

Winter Blahs??

Here it is , Valentines Day. Hope you're all having a wonderful day. It's been kind of sunny, kind of cloudy here in Wisconsin. But the days are getting longer and there are a few birds chirping away in the mornings. Spring is on it's way.

I'm preparing to go to Market in Minneapolis in a few weeks. Making those lists and checking them twice! Here's what I'm looking for: garden items of all kinds, some great lamps, new accent furniture, framed prints, and other fresh new merchandise.

We've had a few busy weekends this winter. It probably helps that we're running a clearance sale through February - but I'm always so happy to see people out and about in winter. Sometimes I feel like the chickadee in the photo looks: everyone has flown south but me. Anyway, if you're in Wautoma stop in and see me. I've got the hot tea and cookies waiting.

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Welcome to The Gables
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