Friday, January 8

Happy New Year

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm happy to have a new year and a new decade ahead of me. The holidays were wonderful, but please don't show me another cookie...
This seems like a good time to thank all of our customers at The Gables this past year - it was definitely an interesting year and it was only because of you that we're still here and still enthusiastic.
So, what's the plan for 2010? We've talked with so many customers and been so encouraged that I'd like to share what we've heard.
First - a lot of us seem to be thinking a lot more about how we spend our money. Frivolous spending seems to be a thing of the past and careful planning along with selective buying is the new normal. That actually sounds like a healthy attitude to me.
Second - we're all interested in value and quality. Thinking about our needs and wants and deciding on priorities. Buying that piece of artwork that we fell in love with and that will make a difference in our home.
Third - we want the 'real' thing. Locally, regionally, and US made seems to mean a lot more.
Other thoughts we've heard: Re-using what we already have in our homes and making it fresh with new accents or moving it to a new location. 

And supporting the businesses we love is important.  This is the perfect spot to say once again how much I owe to my customers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Those are my thoughts on this January day. I'll be posting more on how we plan to make things fresher and better at The Gables.  We're expecting good things this year.

Love to hear from you - what are your plans or resolutions or thoughts for 2010?

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Welcome to The Gables
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