Wednesday, March 10

To Market, to Market...

Just got back from Minneapolis last night (in fog!).  We had a great time and found some wonderful things - which I bought, of course.  They'll start arriving at The Gables in a few weeks.

Remember,  you can click on any of these pictures to see a full-screen enlargement.

Baggallini purses!  If you're familiar with the brand, you'll understand my enthusiasm.  These are the greatest bags on earth if you're looking for really, really amazing organization combined with style.  I'm still working on this order, but look for these in April or May.  Baggallini has been on my "list" for awhile, so I'm a happy

Well, I went a little handbag-nuts and here are the pictures to prove it.  I just kept finding such great looking bags at some pretty amazing prices.

                  Du-Du Arts bags - colorful, bright, and well made
                    (Lisa is the designer)

Belgo Lux
Couldn't resist these great bags - they beg to be picked up and come in some fresh colors.  Take a closer look at the flower embellishment on the yellow purse in the 2nd picture.

And then there were scarves in beautiful new weaves, textures, and designs.  Lots and lots of scarves. I also learned a pretty clever way to tie a scarf into a neat little shrug.  I'll post some pictures of that nifty trick later.  Maybe I'll try doing my first mini-video...

       This is me, picking out the best scarves.  Aren't they amazing?

Second Helpings
We were really happy to find these colorful garden stakes made from vintage dishes.  Every one is unique. And beautiful.

Click on this photo so you can see the stems and "leaves".

That's all for today - I'll post more pictures later.  It was really a good Market for us.   My husband, Paul, came along this year and I was really happy to have his input.  We also enjoyed a fantastic meal at our new-favorite Greek restaurant on our last night!

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  1. Love the new items and I'm looking forward to coming to the shop. I'll be seeing you soon.


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